laurie haycock makela — speechless: different by design

artist statement

Working on speechless for the past year has been like a magic carpet ride that I hope never ends.

From my first conversation with Sarah and the epic Convening where I met the other six artists, I just climbed on without hesitation. speechless began a somewhat undefined premise, but we all just started to flow–together. I entered into Sarah’s vision because I felt an intuitive understanding of her interest in alternate communications, especially those emphasizing empathy.  speechless was an opportunity to create something new by exploring our own sensory experiences. The book took on a life of its own–a result of the constant evolution of ideas and design over the year.  I can honestly say I have never been involved in a more rare, beautiful, and meaningful collaboration, and I’m 63, so that’s saying a lot. This experience has changed me. I hope museum visitors and readers will feel the same.