“The greatest thing a museum does is give us access to real objects; to let us be with the real thing. I love that speechless is about “come in,” that you get to be in it. That access to the real is what museums do. That to me is the magic.”

Sarah Schleuning, Margot B. Perot Senior Curator of Decorative Arts and Design 

Explore how we can connect to the world around us beyond speech and words in speechless: different by design. Merging scientific research with innovative design, speechless features cutting-edge, interactive installations by six designers and design teams that offer unconventional, multisensory, and immersive experiences.
In this exhibition, you can explore how to touch sound, hear place, picture thought, and shape space.
We hope your time with different by design is memorable and meaningful, and leaves you feeling speechless.

“The art museum has magic inside it.”

Emil, age 3, after visiting speechless